Here are some lovely quotes that I particulary like from the critics.

“Graham takes this starring role and charms the roller skates off the audience.”
Victoria Alexander,

“Stealing every scene in which he appears, Alan Cumming twinkles” Steven Holden, New York Times

“Cavanagh and Graham well demonstrating their comic skills and Moynahan looking suitably gorgeous as the object of their desire.” Frank Scheck, Hollywood Reporter

“The camera never strays far from Graham, who, decked out in well-fitted outfits that make the most of her anything-but-boyish figure, sweetly leavens her heroine’s ditzy sexual confusion without trivializing or overly normalizing it.”

“Pic revels in sprightly exchanges between the siblings, Graham and Cavanagh displaying a light, fanciful touch for comic timing” Ronnie Scheib, Variety

“Gray Matters is ultimately a film of inclusion, that timeless story where love knows no barriers” Brett Leigh Dicks, Santa Barbara Independent

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