I love New York

I know it’s cliche but I really do love New York and New Yorkers!

Last night as I drove across the Brooklyn Bridge to do an introduction of the film at the Village 7 cinemas, I looked at the glistening skyline in front of me and couldn’t help getting that feeling I always have of–“This is such a gorgeous, incredible, awe inspiring city!”

I made Gray Matters as a love letter to this city. I realize the film is a vision of New York seen through rose colored glasses but when I look at the skyline or the Farmers Market in Union Square or Raouls in Soho or the magnificent Brooklyn Bridge, I could go on and on… my glasses are always rosy.

This city is where I live and draw inspiration from each and every day. I will be back this coming Saturday night, March 10th, at the Village 7 Cinemas to introduce the film to my home town audience.

We had a great crowd there this past weekend and I look forward to meeting more of you.

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