5 Actors Who Overcome Their Addiction

5 Actors Who Overcome Their Addiction

Kanye West, Demi Moore, and Jessica Simpson are just a few celebrities who have been to the celebrity rehab or actress rehab for their drug addictions. People from different industries, sectors, and all walks of life deal with addiction, whether they are physicians, attorneys, teachers, moms, professional athletes, or actors.

While some actors and celebrities suffer for several years in isolation, some find themselves in celebrity rehab centers for urgent care and professional help. You can better understand celebrity rehabs with the help of “celebrity rehab with dr drew full episodes.”

Some celebrities, who have struggled with drug or alcohol addiction, speak out and help others find the right way to deal with such addiction. They send out a powerful message and let everyone know that they are not alone in times of despair.

Today, we will take a cursory look at the five actors who overcame their addictions, regained control of their lives, and became exemplary role models for others. You can also watch “dr drew celebrity rehab full episodes” for more information on such celebrity rehab centers and celebrity rehab deaths and relapses.

Kit Harington and Alcoholism

Kit Harrington portrait.

Kit Harrington checked himself into one of the well-known celebrity rehab facilities after he could no longer deal with his alcoholism by himself.

In May 2019, the game of thrones star, Kit Harington (Jon Snow), checked into a celebrity drug rehab ahead of the Game of Thrones series finale. In a luxurious treatment facility in Connecticut, the British star found professional help to deal with depression and alcohol abuse.

The news comes after the Last Watch documentary on the Game of Thrones debuted on HBO, revealing Kit Harington ultimately broke down in tears after reading what his character would face in the grand finale of the series. Kit had been known to deal with his stress and depression with the help of alcohol. However, this news forced him to take help from professionals.

Ben Affleck and Alcohol Abuse

Ben Affleck portrait.

Who doesn’t know Snyder’s Batman? Ben Affleck is a badass on the screen but has faced significant drug addiction issues in his real life.

According to ET, on 22 August 2018, Ben Affleck’s former wife, Jennifer Garner, drove him to rehab celebrity. Affleck reportedly knew that he needed help to deal with his alcohol abuse issues, and his wife was there to help him.

Celebrities turn to celebrity sex rehab centers or celebrity drug rehab centers in their hours of need. It is the third time the star has sought help for alcoholism and substance abuse.

He has always been vocal about his personal challenges. In March 2017, he said that drug abuse is something he has been struggling with in the past. He also stated that he wanted his children to realize that there is no guilt about seeking assistance when you need it and that they are a source of inspiration for someone out there who wants support but is scared to take the first move.

Chevy Chase and Alcoholism

Chevy Chase portrait.
Mandatory Credit: Photo by Stewart Cook/Variety/REX/Shutterstock (9224890ax) Chevy Chase Television Academy Hall of Fame Induction Ceremony, Arrivals, Los Angeles, USA – 15 Nov 2017

While some celebrities prefer to choose the infamous “Janice Dickinson celebrity rehab,” Chevy Chase decided to go with the Hazelden Addiction Treatment Center for fighting alcoholism in September 2016.

The representative for the comedian claimed the Minnesota-based clinic visit is merely a “tune-up” intended to keep Chase sharp and healthy as he continues to work on a regular basis at the age of 72.

This is not the first time Chase has sought the help of a professional celebrity rehab doctor. He also sought treatment for painkiller addiction in 1986. His past addictions allegedly stemmed from chronic back pain that he suffered during his SNL period.

Chevy Chase is well-known for his drug abuse. However, Chase claims to have “never shot things up or freebased.”

John Stamos and Substance Abuse

John Stamos prtrait.

John Stamos enrolled himself into a residential drug abuse care facility in July 2015. John intended to seek help from a professional celebrity rehab counselor for his substance abuse problems.

The star, now 51, was arrested a month earlier on suspicion of DUI and was then treated for an unknown medical disorder. His rehab stint came months before his new Fox sitcom “Grandfathered” was scheduled to premiere in 2015.

Jon Hamm and Alcohol Addiction

Jon Hamm portrait.

Ladies love Jon Hamm, and so do we. The star of the famous show “Mad Men,” Jon Hamm portrayed the role of a drinking womanizer named Don Draper. Like his character on screen, Jon Hamm has also been known to abuse alcohol in real life.

In March 2015, Jon Hamm checked out of a celebrity rehab facility. According to the sources, Jon Hamm spent 30 days at the Silver Hill Hospital in Canaan, CT, and also successfully completed a 30-day rehabilitation program to deal with his alcohol abuse problems.

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